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Radar Works Forces PAL to Cancel Flights – Asian Institute of Aviation

Radar Works Forces PAL to Cancel Flights

Philippine Airlines (PAL) announced late Friday the cancellation of some 100 domestic flights between March 6 and March 11 to give way to maintenance work on the Tagaytay aviation radar.
The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) issued a notice to airmen, advising them of the scheduled corrective maintenance of the Tagaytay monopulse secondary surveillance radar (MSSR).
MSSR is a radar system used in air traffic control to detect and measure an aircraft’s position. It interacts with an aircraft’s radar transponder to determine the plane’s identity, altitude and position.
Passengers affected by the flight cancellations may rebook their tickets within 30 days from original date of departure, refund their tickets in full, or reroute to the nearest destination without penalties.


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